A new outfit challenge begins – Black Week!

With the beginning of August came the beginning of a new NZ Style Curvettes Outfit Challenge, and seeing as I fell off the wagon earlier this year around the time of summer madness – Art Deco Weekend, Americarna, Beach Hop, and finally VVDO – I decided to jump back on with gusto at the start of the new year!

This outfit challenge is put together by Meagan Kerr, and sees our gorgeous plus-sized community sharing their outfits and getting people thinking about different ways to shop their closets, which is super cool! Personally, I like to try and put together more than one outfit for each theme – because one outfit isn’t much of a challenge for me, and certainly doesn’t take me outside of my comfort zone – but there is absolutely no pressure to do more than one outfit, or even to participate each week if the theme isn’t really your thing!

Of course, my luck being what it is, the first week’s theme was Black.


Those of you that are frequent readers will know that black isn’t really my thing. At all. I’m not completely sure what it is, but I just don’t feel like myself in black? I am really trying to incorporate it into my wardrobe a little more though, for the rare occasions when I need to look particularly elegant or ‘professional’.

With the first day of this challenge being a Monday, I was in my big fluffy black dressing gown all day since it’s my day off (but I didn’t take a picture of that) so I took the opportunity to go through my wardrobe and pull out everything I have that’s black, in preparation for the week ahead!

(You’ll have to excuse the cellphone-quality outfit photos – I currently dont have a working tripod, so I’ve just been blutacking my cellphone to the bookcase or getting my husband to take snaps for me, rather than using my acutal camera….!)

…My Birthday!


Tuesday was my first outfit, and I went in all guns blazing in full black with pink accents. I’m not going to lie you guys, this was weird. I just immediately went back to feeling like an angsty 15 year old emo kid. In fact, I had an almost identical outfit when I was a teenager, and I just felt a little awkward! I was in class all day and then went to meet friends for dinner afterwards, so there was no time to go home and get changed, and I just had to spend the whole day feeling a little weird and uncomfortable.


Dress – Thrifted
Cardi – Hell Bunny from Rita Sue
Petticoat – Preloved Vivien of Holloway
Shoes – Melissa from Hannahs
Belt – Homemade
Necklace – Cobalt Heights
Bag – Pinup Girl Clothing

This was a cute outfit, and I love all the components individually…just not all at once it seems!


I learned from Tuesday’s mistakes, and eased off a little on Wednesday! I love love love this dress, but it always gets passed over in my wardrobe for things with more colour!


The best thing about this dress though is the fact that all the cute little folk-art style flowers are such good colours to pick from for accessories!

Dress – City Chic
Bag – Preloved Sunjellies
Cardi – Thrifted
Bangles & Necklace – Vintage / Thrifted
Belt – Pagani
Shoes – Melissa from Hannahs
Hair Flowers – Lovisa
Petticoat – Moxie Mama Wear


I went to the grand opening of Vanessa Kelly’s new shop on Thursday evening and I knew I wanted to wear something that she’d made, so I couldn’t go too black since the things she’s made for me are all super bright!

Vanessa Kelly Opening_25

I compromised by wearing a tropical print cropped bustier with a black background and a black cardi and accessories, with my bright green skirt! I also wore these supremely cute shoes that I got from my friend Sam. The colours are a perfect match for the print on my top, and they’re covered in skulls and flowers – too cute! To top it all off, I stuck about 4000 flowers in my hair…


This was a good amount of black for me because I still felt like myself, and that’s the most important thing about getting dressed in the morning!


Skirt – Vanessa Kelly Clothing
Bustier & Belt – The Warehouse
Shoes – Iron Fist
Hair Flowers – Assortment of Homemade and Rita Sue Clothing
Cardi – Thrifted
Necklace – Vintage
Earrings – Homemade
Petticoat – Moxie Mama Wear


Friday was a day of prep – My friend Natalie and I were throwing a combined birthday party at her place on Saturday night, so I went up there to help decorate and start some of the cooking.
It was a Midwinter Christmas potluck, so we made up some cupcakes, cornbread (for stuffing), and a huge bowl of Eggnog, which was surprisingly good!


Miss Monique Sweet and I had been asked to run a pinup beauty demo at the Makeup Obsessives meetup in Hamilton on the Saturday afternoon, so after I finished up with Nat Tony and I went down to Hamilton so that Mon and I could organise all our resources and finalise our game-plan!  I knew I needed to wear something that was warm and comfortable since I’d be wearing it in the car, so I picked out this dress which is made of a thick velvety corduroy, and is super cosy! It also needed to have a busy pattern, since it was inevitably going to end up covered in cupcake batter.


Dress – Preloved Collectif Clothing
Petticoat – Preloved Vivien of Holloway
Shoes – The Warehouse
Belt – Pagani
Necklace – Preloved
Scarf – Vintage

Saturday & Sunday!

Friday was the end of black week for me, because Saturday and Sunday were both work days so I was in my supremely cute new Beauty School Dropouts uniform tee!


We are hoping to start selling these at events, along with a whole load of other cute merch and products, so if it’s the sort of thing you might want for yourself please let us know!

Mon and Fran

Tee – Beauty School Dropouts
Skirt – Honey L’Amour
Shoes – Preloved
Belt – Preloved Lindy Bop (from the Audrey Dress!)
Petticoat – Preloved Vivien of Holloway
Necklace – Cobalt Heights
Hair Flower – Made With Love NZ
Earrings & Bracelet – Thrifted



Tee – Beauty School Dropouts
Skirt, Cardi & Scarf – Thrifted
Earrings – Retro Resins
Necklace – Vintage
Belt – Farmers 
Petticoat – Moxie Mama Wear
Shoes – Number One Shoes
Hair Flower – Made With Love NZ

So that was week one! I’m not participating this week because the theme is ‘Activewear’, and I’m sure we can all agree that my wardrobe doesn’t exactly scream ‘active’, but I will be back for the start of ‘Travel’ week on Monday which is definitely more my thing!

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