And so it begins!

Hi everyone!

My name is Fran, and I make things. But you knew that, or you wouldn’t be here!

A little about me…

  • I’m 24, and I live in Auckland with my husband Tony, and our Norwegian Forest cat, Selene.
    (She’s exceptionally cute, but very antisocial. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see a lot more of her – @frantasy_island )
    We’re both pretty nerdy, and love video games, sci-fi movies, and comic book heroes. We met in scouts, and got married at our local scout camp!
    IMG_9757 Kitten280415_1 Ceremony170215_73
  • We bought our first house  in October last year, and we’re working towards giving it some personality.
    I’ve been working on upcycling a lot of old furniture from op-shops and TradeMe to try and make the place more colourful, so expect to see some of those cropping up on the blog as they happen.
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  • I have a huge personal interest in vintage styling, as well as vintage and reproduction clothing. I make a good portion of my own swing dresses and petticoats, and am hoping to bring some tutorials to the blog too, so people can learn easy ways to make their own clothes! I also plan to include some hair and makeup tips along the way, as those are two areas that I am also hugely passionate about.
    fran-27 IMG_1264 1978308_621972717882357_2144630062_o
  • I’m in my second year of a degree in Photography and Media Arts, with a goal to move into Pinup Portraiture. I love that ‘cheesecake’ Vargas-Girl aesthetic, and making people feel beautiful is hugely important to me.
    Kalee Edits130315_41 _MG_2827 IMG_4581 _MG_2550
  • I love craft. Any craft. I’ll have a go at everything at least once. I knit, crochet, sew, fold, and glue my way to the finish of all kinds of projects, so when I find something new and exciting to try, I’ll show ya’ll how it’s done.
    Detail and Decor120215_39  1508007_608788559205140_1404390629_n

Hopefully this gives you a bit of insight into what I’m all about!
I’ve promised myself I’m going to post at least one new thing a week, so here’s hoping I can stick to that plan!

<3 Fran

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