Back from the brink…

Gosh, you guys, I’ve been so slack with this blog!

I have spent the last few months running myself completely ragged, and then wound up with a crazy chest infection which left me bedridden for two weeks, so now that I’m better, I’m finally starting to realise the importance of rest…and learning to say no!

All that aside, I’m so excited to show off a project that I worked on for The Rock, for a promotion they are running in Auckland with Pokeno Bacon! Not 100% on the details, but basically since Wednesday, The Rock’s Roadies have been out and about in Auckland, giving out Bacon Buttys made with Pokeno Bacon.

So, of course, they called me up a few weeks ago, because they heard I make weird stuff sometimes, and I might be able to help them with a costume for this particular promotion….

And thus was born the Butty Boys Bacon and Egg Sandwich Costume!

Bacon and Egg sandwich Costume_1

After a trip to my favourite little fabric shop in the west – Morelands – I settled on a stack of fabrics in different textures, to represent my Bacon, Eggs, and Bread, as well as 5 metres of dacron fill, to pad it all out!11821802_476785532508598_411445743_n

Samuel J Fox was sorry to see the dacron go, but I’ve got enough left over to make him a wee pillow when I get some more time, so that should appease him.


Now, as I’m sure you’re all aware, patterns for most of the costumes I’m asked to make are not exactly easy to come by, or don’t exist at all, so this one was always going to be made up of optimism and a whole lot of guesswork.

I cut out the bread first, as the boys needed to take the front and back panels to be screen printed before the costume was sewn together, and based the size and rough shape off one of Tony’s t-shirts. I then crafted newspaper patterns to work out the ideal size and shape for my eggs and bacon, based on the size of the bread.


Once all the components were made, I had to work out the best way to stick it all together. It needed to be worn by a range of different people, and also would have to be easy to clean, so I decided that, in the spirit of lame puns, it would be best assembled as a sandwich board, basically a big rectangle of fabric with a head hole in the middle, and open sides, with the bread etc stitched onto the flaps this would create at the front and back of the body.

I also sponged the bacon with streaks of white and cream paint, so it looked streaky, which I wasn’t initially going to do, but it really lifted the whole thing, so I’m pleased I did!
unnamedAll in all, not a bad effort from a vegetarian!

(Let me know if you see them out-and-about, I’d love a few more photos of my masterpiece in action!)

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