Food Fight!

One of our in-class exercises last semester was ‘lighting for groups’, and the class had to provide our own models and props, so in true Fran style, I took charge!

After a call out on facebook, a group of gorgeous ladies agreed to get glammed up, and come in to be photographed! We set up an elaborate tea party in the studio at Unitec, with all the serve wear and table decor in shades of pink and green (and food provided by my classmates!), with pink, orange and red gels over the fill lights on the cyclorama, to keep it looking quite quirky.


I volunteered to shoot last, so I could make a huge mess with all the food, and thankfully the girls were totally on board with the idea of shoving food in each other’s faces!

Here are a few of the results!





Massive thanks to Ash, Clara and Courtney, for being so willing to make a mess!

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