Giddy up, and other western tropes.

Last week, the NZ Style Curvettes’ outfit challenge theme was ‘Western’, which of course I was thrilled about since it was my suggestion! The only problem was that it occurred while I was at the other end of the country, so I didn’t really get to do it justice since I was doing that travel-packing that I talked at length about a few weeks back….


You know, when I wore the same clothes all week in different combinations? Yeah. That.

I was very careful to pay attention to detail, and not go too overboard this week – my wardrobe already verges on ‘costumey’ and when you add a theme to that people will undoubtedly assume you’re off to a party – so I stuck with a reasonably muted colour palette of warm neutrals and oranges, which is a pretty universally flattering tonal range, but also drew a little attention away from me because it wasn’t my usual all-colour-all-the-time trick, and meant that I could quite conceivably be wearing those clothes as an outfit, not a costume.
Of course, it’s also tricky to pack cute western-wear when all my cute western-wear is also summer wear, and I was going to a Dunedin winter, so I opted for cardis and sleeves where possible!

(Disclaimer – I didn’t get photos of all the days this week and the ones I got were a bit rough, which was disappointing! It was crazy dark at my folks place, and I was in transit for about 11 hours on Friday after a few delays, so by the time I got home at midnight I was in no mood for selfies.)

Monday – South of the Border

I started the week with a bit of a Mexican theme – Mostly because I was going to be out walking for a lot of the day and I needed a skirt that wouldn’t blow around much, but also because our picture of the ‘old west’ is heavily influenced by the original cowboys – Vaqueros.

Long before cowboys as we know them came to exist, Mexican cattlemen were coming up with all of the cowboy lingo – including “bronco,” “lariat,” and even “stampede” – and their sombreros were the precursor to cowboy hats. They also wore chaps, held rodeos, and have been kind of ignored for the last 200 years, so of course I had to include a Mexican theme first since they were the oldest of the old west!
Dress – Preloved Vanity Project by Limb
Cardi – Thrifted
Necklace – Cobalt Heights
Glasses – Zenni Optical

Tuesday – Home on the Ranch

Tuesday’s outfit (tied with Friday, which I forgot to photograph) was my favourite for this theme, and probably my favourite for the last few months really!
The orangey-plaid skirt lends itself well to a range of colours, and it was a nice bright option without being tooooo bright – I was very conscious of looking like I was in costume – and with a crisp white shirt it made the whole look pretty polished.
Skirt & Necklace – Homemade
Shirt – Preloved Pinup Girl Clothing ‘Doris’
Petticoats – Moxie Mama Wear
Shoes – Hannahs
Belt – Kmart
Collar Pin & Sunglasses – Ebay
Bangles – Thrifted
Bag & Scarf – Vintage

Wednesday – Woman in Black

I decided that no western themed week would be complete without an homage to a country music legend. Of course, the obvious choice for me would have been someone like Patsy Kline or Dolly Parton, but, once again, I was wary of looking like I was wearing a costume. After a little thought, I decided to break my usual no-black-ever rule, and bust out a pretty fabulous tribute to the Man in Black himself – Mr Johnny Cash.
He was pretty renowned for his wide collars, big ol’ pompadour, and slightly dishevelled nature, so I took a little inspiration from that and put together this outfit!
Shirt – Preloved Pinup Girl Clothing ‘Lauren’
Skirt – Preloved Collectif Clothing
Belt – City Chic
Shoes – Melissa from Hannahs
Collar Pins – Etsy
Bolo Tie – Bought for me by a friend on his travels through Nashville a few years back

Thursday – The ol’ Barn Dance

Of course, I only call it that since I made the dress for a barn dance!
I really need to get a brown petticoat to go with this dress – I hardly ever wear it because it’s a touch short, so all my petticoats hang out the bottom a bit and none of them are quite the right colour.
I was going to visit my grandparents that day so I didn’t bother with hair or makeup, and then I got caught in the rain…so I look a hot mess, basically. But what are family good for if not to love you despite looking a tad disheveled?


Excuse the photo – I’d packed my camera away by this point, so I had to shoot this with my cellphone and a torch!

Dress & Necklace – Homemade
Petticoat – Moxie Mama Wear
Cardi & Bangles – Thrifted
Bag – Vintage

Saturday – Workin’ 9 – 5

Ok, so strictly speaking it wasn’t 9 – 5, and this certainly isn’t super western, but I thought a shout out was due for the cute pink gingham skirt I made to wear with my Beauty School Dropouts tee!

Tshirt – Beauty School Dropouts
Belt – Farmers
Skirt & Flower – Homemade
Glasses – Zenni Optical

So that’s my week of ‘Western’! This week’s theme is ‘Cardigan’ and I’m all over that, so stay tuned!

<3 Fran.

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  1. Meagan | This is Meagan Kerr

    I am LOVING your commitment to this Fran! I think my favourite was your Woman in Black look but I have to say that I love your Home on the Ranch outfit as well. Your outfits are always so well put together 🙂


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