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First off, I need to apologise – For the last month or so I haven’t been able to upload any photos to my blog, and since I’m terrible at describing things, well, there wasn’t much point in posting anything until I got it sorted. All fixed now though, so on with the show!

The NZ Style Curvettes Outfit Challenge has been trucking along for me – I have been dressing on theme, and posting heaps on Instagram – but last week I was in my element.
Halloween isn’t a huge big deal in NZ, but as a recovering angsty-goth-kid I still have a soft spot for all things spooky, so a whole week dedicated to busting out my favourite spooky prints and accessories was too good an opportunity to miss!


I didn’t buy anything new this halloween season, because I’m saving for a few things (I’m buying a car you guys!) but I do have more than enough spooky stuff to tide me over. There were some cute halloween-themed things from Pinup Girl Clothing and BooHoo.com (of all places?) that I wish I’d nabbed, but when I’m shredding up the streets of West Auckland in a small and reasonably priced set of wheels I will be thanking myself!

Sunday – Armageddon!

On the Sunday of Labour Weekend was my annual pilgrimage to NZ’s leading pop culture expo – Armageddon. I went to my first Armageddon Expo in Christchurch when I was, like, 16, with my boyfriend at the time and a bunch of friends from ADP (Anime Dunedin Project) and was immediately hooked! After that, I got involved with Cosplay, and eventually also had a stall space at Auckland Armageddon in 2009 with my friend Lucy, and another friend Shelly! I’ve eased off on the cosplay – time is always precious in the lead up to labour weekend – but I have still gone along every year since!
Skirt – Pinup Girl Clothing
Top – The Oblong Box Shop
Petticoat – Malco Modes
Brooch – Erstwilder from 19 Black
Shoes – Number One Shoes
Belt, Bag & Bangles – Thrifted
Scarves (on Bag) – Vintage 



Skirt – Pinup Girl Clothing
Singlet – JayJays
Cardi – City Chic
Petticoat – Moxie Mama Wear
Shoes – K-Mart
Belt – Hell Bunny
Scarf – Vintage
Necklace – Thrifted


I was super sick, and really tired on Thursday, but I did drag my sorry ass out of bed to run some errands!
As I’ve mentioned in the past, I am not a huge fan of wearing black, it usually drags my mood down and makes me feel less-than-fabulous BUT if I want to go and get things done without people stopping me to talk, I will wear black to go and do the groceries!

Cardi – Hell Bunny from Rita Sue Clothing
Necklace – Smoove
Petticoat – Malco Modes
Dress & Shoes – Thrifted
Belt & Hair flower – Homemade
Nails – Revlon nail wraps (with teeny tiny lipsticks!)


Skirt – Betty le Bonbon
Top – The Oblong Box Shop
Cardi – Rita Sue Clothing
Petticoat – Moxie Mama Wear
Shoes – Melissa from Hannahs
Brooch – Jubly-Umph
Necklace – Cobalt Heights
Bangles – Lovisa / Thrifted
Belt – K-Mart
Scarf – Vintage
Glasses – Zenni Optical



Saturday I left my phone at home, so I didn’t get any photos of my actual outfit, but it was also the New Zealand Beard & Moustache Competition that evening, so I have a few snaps of my costume!
I  went for a bit of a pirate-queen outfit (from things in my wardrobe) to go with my husband’s costume (also from things in my wardrobe) and also to match the spectacular beard and moustache that I made in my endeavor to win the ‘Whiskerina’ section of the competition 


Unfortunately I was unsuccessful in my attempt to take the title for a second year, but I will be back with a vengance next year to win it back!


Monday – Halloween!

I had to do boring things on Monday (like go to the doctor, do some work, and get one of the car tires repaired) so I didn’t get dressed up. Of course, this didn’t stop neighbourhood children from complimenting me on my costume when they came trick-or-treating!

Skirt – Pinup Girl Clothing from Rita Sue Clothing
Cardi – City Chic
Belt – Hell Bunny 
Petticoat – Malco Modes 
Brooch – Jubly-Umph
Shoes – Number One Shoes
Top & Necklace – Thrifted
Bag – Vintage
Glasses – Zenni Optical


So that was Halloweek! Next week’s theme is ‘Retro’, which is another one that I’ve definitely got in the bag!

<3 Fran

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