All the People I am.

For the last few months, I’ve been working on a project called ‘All the People I am’. The series is based around people leading a ‘double life’ – fusing jobs, hobbies, or skills that traditionally clash – and aims to authentically represent the people that live these ‘mashups’. I hope to share a few more of the stories with you all in the coming weeks.

As someone with a huge variety of ‘lifestyles’ combined into one, it was really important to me to find subjects that share at least one aspect of my day-to-day, and see how they make it work within their own jam-packed lives. A perfect example of ‘making it work’ is the always gorgeous Miss Charlotte Cake.
Charlotte is the 2015 Miss Pinup NZ Runner Up, a vintage baker and blogger; and a headbanging, hard rocking, cult-film fanatic, with a penchant for blood and gore (in case anyone missed that revelation on Come Dine With Me NZ this week!)
She’s a body confidence and anti-bullying advocate as well, so she knows all about the importance of being herself, whoever that might be on any given day!










As a part of the project, I asked Charlotte a few questions –

How hard / easy do you find the balance between being a badass rock chick and a classic pinup?
I think balancing the two is really easy. Sometimes I wake up and I feel totally rock n’ roll and wear my leather skirt or high waisted jeans, paired with a beaten up old pair of chuck taylors and all I want to do all day is rock around the house to Five Finger Death Punch. Some days I feel incredibly feminine and want to wear my cupcakes and teacups dress with pretty brushed out curls and a chiffon headscarf. I just go with whatever I’m feeling on the inside. Sometimes, it’s a mashup of both sides.

Do you often find yourself mixing it up, and drawing influence from both sides at once?
Definitely, I love pairing my pretty dresses with chucks and vans or a killer pair of studded heels. One thing my partner always comments on is my collection of cute old knitted ‘granny’ cardi’s which I like to wear with band shirts and my pearl necklace. One extreme to the other. I’ve been to Soundwave festival in Australia twice and that’s a massive metal festival – each time I wore vintage/pinup looks amongst crowds of black t-shirts during Slipknot.

What would be your best advice for someone who doesn’t want to be pigeonholed into one little box?
It’s so corny and cliché but just rock what you feel on the inside, and be yourself. Don’t get stuck in the loop of stalking other peoples Instagram’s to find your next look, just be creative and come up with something that is truly you. I like to bake, love vintage and pinup style, love old –school films, and also rocking out to some heavy metal. I combine everything into my everyday life and it’s who I am. I guess what I’m trying to say is, be true to who you are on the inside and own what you’re good at.

Charlotte11Not just a pretty face, huh!

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  1. Miss Kitty Kat

    Great project and loved the interview with Miss Charlotte Cake

  2. Miss Charlotte Cake

    Nice one Fran !!!!

  3. Ezmae

    Very cute photos and a great message!


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