You might have read about me in…
On The Wire With… – Miss Charlotte Cake’s interview series with boss ladies!
Pinup Platoon 2016 – Mumpty Style
Plus Size Pinup – This is Meagan Kerr
Featured Wedding – OffBeat Bride
Vintage Queen : Fran Henricksen – FashioNZ
Adore Pinup Magazine – Issue 13 

You might have seen my work in…
Photography – NZ Life and Leisure, Waterfront Auckland’s Water’s Edge project, ‘Manifest‘ – A downtown Auckland projection installation, Future Projects 2016 – NZ Festival of Photography
Costumes – Viva Magazine, Express Magazine
Hair and Makeup – Viva Magazine, Retrobomb Magazine, Paper and Lace

….And, of course, there’s also the odd instance of my big ol’ face winding up in the local paper, but I seem to always be wearing a moustache when that happens!
On, and in both the East and Bays Courier and the Central Leader (with Rose Jackson and Miss Charlotte Cake) promoting the ‘Whiskerina’ category for the New Zealand Beard and Moustache Competition for 2015….

11889518_10153492392507254_7575877267139114961_n 11903792_411071802428988_7727242223098825399_n 11800373_407735132762655_684196427416677654_n

….Which I subsequently won! This, in turn, meant I ended up in Forma Magazine, and the East and Bays Courier (Again!)

12189043_430995520436616_1587957745193859448_n 12189886_430995530436615_6695044897936852886_n (1) 11224054_415877021948466_1957370408557450427_n

And then there’s the time I met the Queen, but I suppose that doesn’t really count, given that I was five at the time….

69594_10152699909833942_338869934_n 1518032_10152699910408942_456128682_n

…I did make it into every single major newspaper in the country though, and onto the front cover of the video of her trip, so I guess that’s pretty good exposure!

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  1. Flora Hamilton

    Hi Fran,

    Really hope you’re well?

    Apologies for the email out of the blue, however we are a TV production company based over in the UK who are potentially coming to the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly festival next month to do some filming for a National Geographic Series on Ice Cream – haha strange I know!

    I was wondering if you were going this year? And if so do you have any kind of connection to ice cream?

    Essentially we are trying to get hold of some amazingly flamboyant characters who travel to the Rockabilly and are larger than life and happy to meet Jeff to talk ice cream 🙂

    Let me know if this comes through to you,

    Thanks so much!


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