Miss Pinup NZ 2016!

Well. Well well well.
I don’t know how to start this post in an eloquent fashion, so I’ll just launch right in….

You guys! I am so excited to announce that I’ve been selected as a finalist for the Miss Pinup New Zealand pageant for 2016, alongside a swathe of other gorgeous Kiwi pinups!


I was going to try and play it cool, but I am stoked. Like, totally thrilled. And completely blown away by all the messages of congratulations from my amazing friends and family, as well as my crazy network of readers <3  I’m so grateful to have such an exceptionally supportive group of people in my life!

The Miss Pinup New Zealand Pageant is held each year at the Very Vintage Day Out, which will be held this year on Saturday the 9th of April, from 10 – 6, at Alexandra Park Raceway in Greenlane!
Tickets will be available soon on the event website, so keep an eye out!

The competition itself is comprised of 4 sections – Daywear, Swimwear, Talent, and Eveningwear – Each of which requires a spectacular outfit, and a solid show of personality, to blow away the judges!

I haven’t really had time to make any plans yet, but I’ll definitely be spending the next few weeks nailing down what I want to wear for each section, so then I can start making things!

At this stage, I’ll likely be making as many of my own outfits as possible. Mostly because I’m broke, but also because, for me, the best way to show off my personality is to wear things that are one hundred percent me, you know?
I do imagine I’ll be spending a bit of time on Pinterest over the next wee while though…..!

Fran_Megan Lupton_3
Photo by Megan Lupton

There are several prizes on offer – Miss Pinup NZ, Miss Vintage Vixen (Runner Up), Best Video, and Miss Publicity / People’s Choice….Which is where I need your help!
The full submissions from all of the contestants can be found on the Miss Pinup NZ section on the Very Vintage Day Out website,  but mine is here, and it has a link to vote for me!

And while you’re in a voting kind of mood, there’s also a competition being run by Honey L’Amour, who is offering up a custom made outfit to the competitor with the most ‘likes’ on their photo in this album, so I’d really appreciate you sending a ‘like’ my way there too!

Photo by Zandy J Photography

The entry process required all contestants to fill out a questionnaire, submit three photos, and make a video, to show the judges what we’re all about!

Right from the start, there was absolutely no question that I would do something with animation for my video.
When I started to plan it, I was still reveling in the glow of my Masquerade video project, during which I experimented with a whole load of different drawing and animation styles, so I decided that, for this one, I would make a fairytale!

I wrote a really short story, about the life of a pink-haired princess (me, duh), with a plan to use hand-drawn animations for the ‘illustrations’.
The animation process consisted of me drawing each individual component, blutacking the cut-out drawings to the wall in my dining room, and photographing the individual frames each time something was moved!
The whole process of drawing and animating these illustrations took roughly 10 hours from start to finish, which was actually not all that long in the world of hand-drawn frame-by-frame animation, but was still a real labour of love!

The storytelling footage was filmed with help from a friend of mine, Sam, in the lounge at my house! We did three takes, but I didn’t end up needing to cut them together (as I’d expected) because that would be making an unnecessary amount of work for myself, and, given that my film is well under 2 minutes, I thought multiple cuts would be distracting.
In all, I’m really happy with what I put together for my video, so I hope you like it!

So that’s where I stand at the moment.

Oh, actually, one more thing – The Miss Publicity / People’s Choice prize has a publicity component (I know, really? Who’d have guessed with a title like that!), so if you, or anyone you know, has media links, I’d really appreciate you throwing my name into conversations sporadically, so I can (hopefully) get my mug out there and chat publicly about the competition!

Photography by Zandy J Photography

I’m so excited to be competing alongside a bunch of really amazing women, who are all totally fantastic, so definitely check them out on Facebook, and show them some love too!

Looking forward to the next three months, and I hope to see you all in the audience!
(With big signs…because ohmygod big signs!)

<3 Fran!

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