Miss Pinup Photoshoot!

As I’m sure you all know, I spend most of my time behind the scenes – doing hair and makeup, or wardrobe, or set design, or any number of things backstage on photoshoots, TVCs, fashion shows, short films, parties and events – you name it. Sometimes I’m even behind the camera!


Basically, I’m the one who turns up in all the behind-the-scenes snaps, and that is how I like it. I love what I do, and I love that people can flick through my photos and see all the different things I get to work on.


However, the day after winning Miss Pinup NZ I was required to go and have photos taken with Elizabeth J Photography, to go into my spread with Adore Pin Up (Sold out on their website, but available here!)
This presented a whole new set of challenges for me, including working out what to wear – I wanted to look like myself, but I knew the location was fairly chic and glamorous, which I am not….and I’d been too busy to do laundry for, like, a month, so there was that to deal with too! I settled on two fairly colourful ensembles, because, well, I don’t really have anything else.

I’d worn my hair in a poodle for the competition, but I wanted to wear it out for the shoot, since it wouldn’t be taking as much of a punishment so it would be easier to keep it nice!
I set the ends with hot sticks while I put my face on, and once they’d cooled I took the hot sticks out and clamped the waves in place. I left the clips in until we got to the hotel, so they would stay looking sleek for as long as possible! My hair was still super clean, and it never wants to hold a set while it’s clean, so I knew I’d have to help it along as much as possible!


The shoot was happening at the Esplanade Hotel in Devonport, and I had 3 hours with Liz before the other contestants arrived for our group shots!

My first outfit was made up of an old cropped bustier from The Warehouse (from about 7 years ago!) that is definitely about 6 cup sizes too small, and a vintage skirt. I paired them with a homemade hair flower, a necklace from Lovisa, and a stack of bangles on each wrist – some vintage, some new, some borrowed.

VVDO 1 108VVDO 1 302

VVDO 1 260

VVDO 1 198VVDO 1 203VVDO 1 206

VVDO 1 073

VVDO 1 180

Outfit two is one of my favourites, and I wear it all the time! The top is from Crossroads, and the skirt is a Deadly Dames one from Pinup Girl Clothing. I picked the skirt up second hand, on a buy / sell page on Facebook after lusting after it for a long time!
I paired this with a homemade belt and hair flower, a thrifted necklace and shoes, and my Erstwilder Cactus Road brooch, which I bought from 19 Black.

Pink and green is one of my favourite colour combinations, and I love this outfit so much! Definitely could have done with an iron though….whoops!

VVDO 1 448VVDO 2 076

VVDO 1 558

VVDO 1 468

VVDO 1 438VVDO 2 032

VVDO 2 006 copy

VVDO 2 051

Lastly, I had to put on my dress from the ‘Eveningwear’ section of the competition, and get some shots with my crown and sash, and some without.

My dress was from ChiChi London, and I wore it with a customised pair of lucite shoes, a belt from Pagani, jewellery from Collette, a vintage bridal headpiece, and gloves from Tock Tick

VVDO 2 154
VVDO 3 327VVDO 2 367

VVDO 2 381

VVDO 2 205VVDO 2 196

VVDO 2 215

And then all the girls arrived so we could have our group shots!

First up the final 4 – Dariel Dearlove, Lady in Red, Myself, and Miss Opal

VVDO 2 445

Then the final 4 + Miss Publicity – Miss Lola Turquoise

VVDO 2 477

Then all 10 finalists!

VVDO 2 540

Left to right – Miss Pixie Dust, Miss Kitty Kat, Dariel Dearlove, Miss Lola Turquoise, Myself, Lady in Red, Miss Opal, Miss Lola Fondant, Zigana Monroe, and Miss Mollie Tov

VVDO 2 541

VVDO 2 544

VVDO 2 560

I had so much fun with Liz, and her assistant Sarah. They were both so fantastic to work with, and for the first time ever I have photos of me that actually look like they have me in them! It’s hard to capture the personalities of people you’ve never met, but you could definitely be forgiven for thinking that Liz knew me really well.

She does family portraits, maternity photos, and headshots, as well as bespoke portraits like these, so definitely head to her website and check out her work if you’re in the market for a photographer!

I won a voucher for another shoot with her, as part of my Miss Pinup prize pack, and I can’t wait to shoot with her again!

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