Nautical Week!

Ok, so I have a confession to make – I skipped a week. I know I said I would do all the weeks, but the week-before-last’s theme was ‘Maxi Dress’…..and I don’t own a single floor-length anything. I can’t walk in long dresses – they get all caught up in my stick, and I risk tripping over more than usual. So sue me.


But it’s ok, you guys. Last week’s outfit challenge theme was Nautical. NAUTICAL.

I was in my element.

(I’ll be honest, I clearly didn’t read the little calendar very well at all, because I totally missed this, and only realised when I got back to the real world on Tuesday, and saw everyone else posting cute nautical-themed outfits.)

As most of you know, I’ve got a stack of nautical-themed tattoos on my left arm, all done by my good friend Markus, from Dissident Art in Dunedin. In fact, he’s done all of my tattoos (except my bow), and he’s a really good guy, so if you’re down south, and looking for some top-notch ink, go and visit him!

If you haven’t seen my tattoos up close, here is a really odd selection of pretty rubbish photos of them individually….

This was immediately after the first session on the ship / pirate girl…

395200_10150641492088942_1515924854_n 408782_10150646301753942_414607642_n 399310_10150646214648942_1232121397_n
…And some hilariously awkward webcam stills from when I was trying to show people each new tattoo as I got them!

Fran - Knot
To separate my pirate sleeve from the bow on my wrist, I have a figure-eight knot at the base of my sleeve, midway up my forearm. This knot is one of the most useful stopper knots to know in climbing, and is rife with symbolism – the more pressure you put it under, the stronger it gets.

There’s still a lot to be done before it’s finished, but I love the way it’s been coming together over the last few years, and I keep adding bits to it each time I go home, which I think is awesome! 

Plus, my husband works on super yachts, so it’s pretty safe to say we both have a love for nautical stuff!
I even made him a shirt for his birthday out of this amazing thick linen, with a really beautiful ships-and-ropes print, which I made by following this method

Slightly gormless, and he has no idea how to fold a collar down, but I love him nonetheless. <3

Aaaaanyway, onto the week’s outfits!

I didn’t get photos of all the days this week because we’re rearranging the house, so my camera was packed away and there was furniture everywhere, but rest assured, I did manage to get a whole week of nautical-inspired outfits!


Wednesday was a day at home for me, mostly, but I had clients coming so I still had to look like a person.
This dress was one of the first things I bought from City Chic, I think, and I fell in love with it at first sight!

It has a much more fitted skirt than I’m used to, but it’s a reasonably heavy cotton-drill fabric, with minimal stretch, so it fits nicely without clinging!
The top is a jersey knit, with a super cute collar that is made to look like the ‘Blue Jean’ collars on Sailor’s uniforms at the back.
It is attached at the neckline but falls loosely at the outer edge, so I can wear round necked cardigans with the collar hanging over them if I want to change up the look a little, or, you know, be warm.



I paired it with a white skinny belt from Pagani, my white vintage purse, and this utterly adorable vintage hat that I got for, like, $6 from an opshop.

Cute, right?


Thursday I had a shoot scheduled with my girl Madam Rou (Which I will post some shots from later in the week, because they are just stunning!) so I needed something easy and breezy that I could wear at the beach without too much drama, whilst still looking like a person.
Cue, the boat skirt.


This skirt is actually a dress I made aaaaages ago, but it no longer fits over my bust in a way that classes as dignified, so until I get my ass into gear and cut the bodice off, I’ve been folding it under my petticoat so it just looks like a skirt! I paired it with my Collectif Dolores top, which I picked up second-hand on a buy/sell page on Facebook, and a big wide elastic belt from The Warehouse.


The cute little straw boater was another spectacular vintage find, with a cute little grosgrain band, and a net veil, and a total bargain at $8!
I also wore these super cute navy patent leather kitten heels, but had to take them off when I got to the beach. Worth it though, because they are adorable! 

I’m a total sucker for bows!


I decided to go for a bit of a Pirate-Casual vibe on Friday, as it was stinking hot, and I was going to be chained to my sewing machine all day, so I didn’t want anything too hot!
The skirt is another dress, folded down, that I picked up from a second hand shop, I think, and the singlet is an old Glassons number! Once again, paired with my Pagani belt, and a vintage wooden bangle that I found for small change at the Glen Eden Salvation Army Store!


My necklace started off life as a keyring, which I bought with the intention of turning it into a necklace, but you can barely see it because of all the colour in my tattoos. Not to worry though, it’s still cute!


And this teeny-tiny vintage ship brooch was one that I bought from a friend on Facebook. It’s adorable, and super intricate, and as soon as I saw it, I knew it had to be mine!


The pièce de résistance of my outfit though was definitely the shoes!
These are a pair of T.U.Ks that my little sister bought me for Christmas, or my Birthday, I don’t remember, but either way, they are fabulous!
I can’t really wear heels, but I’m trying to improve my balance, especially now that I know my leg isn’t going to get any better on it’s own, so I try to spend time wearing heels around the house so I can adjust to the change in my gait.
And, like, if I’ve got shoes this spectacular, why wouldn’t I wear them?

Friday was also the day I had to say goodbye to my friends Steph and Jacqui, who had been staying with us for the last two weeks! Waaahhhhh!
It was spectacular having them here, and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them!
It’s crazy how you can go 7 whole years without talking someone, and the minute they walk through the door all that time just melts away!


Anywho, that’s three days of my week of Nautical-Themed outfits!

This week’s theme is ‘Date Night’, which is going to be tricky, given that I’m leaving for Napier early on Thursday morning, so there’s no date night this week!
I’m working for Glory Days at the Napier Art Deco Weekend, so I’ll be pulling together some fabulous Art Deco inspired outfits – all of which would be more than appropriate for a date night!
I’ll make sure to document them, so I can show you what I’ve managed to scrounge up from my wardrobe, and hopefully it’ll help all you Auckland ladies with ideas for the Highwic Deco Day in March!

<3 Fran


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  1. Meagan Kerr

    OMG your Wednesday outfit was my fave, it’s so cute! I love your sleeve too, especially the knot.


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