New Year!

So this week, the NZ Style Curvettes outfit challenge theme was New Year. Now, I don’t know about y’all, but New Year for me is casual. Like, super casual. I spend a lot of time being dressed up, so a holiday for me is the week between Christmas and New Year, where I can just wear light cotton sundresses and not brush my hair.

This year was no different in that respect, but it was the first time my family were here for the Christmas / New Year season, so I did a whole lot more trekking around than usual, showing them the sights and doing touristy stuff.

It did, however, mean that my lounge (and thus my outfit-photo-taking-spot) was taken over by a pile of suitcases and a rather large airbed, so I didn’t get any proper photos, but I can easily make do with the ones from our touristing!

I’ll start my outfit breakdowns from Boxing Day, where my last post finished off….

Boxing Day


On boxing day, we took my parents out to Home Bay and Waiheke, on Tony’s parents boat, and it was such a spectacular day for it!
I got a bit browner than usual, and my Mama and Stepdad each caught a Snapper, which resulted in much trash talk over who had caught the better tasting fish. Thankfully, as a vegetarian, I was exempt from getting caught up in the argument!


Initially I was terrified of the idea of wearing a bikini, especially as a big lass, but the only time I go swimming is off the back of the boat, so it’s not like anyone that can see me cares what I’m wearing, as long as I’m wearing something, right?
This is a last-season one from City Chic, which I bought in February, and then never wore because the weather turned to rubbish before I got a chance to debut it!
They have a few in this same shape at the moment though, and they’re on sale! It’s got a nice high-waisted bottom, with some flattering ruching and a wide waistband, and the top is way more supportive than it looked on the hanger! Plus, you know, I get a bit weak at the knees around a good tropical print!
Wrap Skirt and Hair Flower – Homemade
Necklace – Lovisa
Sunnies – Ebay




The following day, we went to MOTAT, as my Mama loves science museums, and my Stepdad loves planes, so we really couldn’t miss it!
Poor Tony discovered a game that he used to play at the Fish’n’Chip shop as a kid has now become a museum relic, and we lost my Stepdad for ages in the airplane bit when he disappeared to watch a doco and we couldn’t find him.

Dress – Pre-Loved Hell Bunny
Necklace – Diva
Sunnies – Ebay
Petticoat – Ebay
Bag and Scarf – Vintage


Auckland Zoo


Those of you who know my mother will know how much she loves the zoo. In fact, every single time she’s come to Auckland, we have to go there. Which is fine, because Tony and I quite like the zoo as well, but it does mean that in 6 years of living here, I’ve done more zoo trips than most born and bred Aucklanders.
We found this Kereru (Native Woodpigeon) hanging out on a sign, so I took the opportunity to get a photo with him. They’re such funny looking birds, and don’t seem at all aerodynamic enough to fly!


Dress – City Chic
Petticoat – Moxie Mama Wear
Belt and Hair Flower – Homemade
Sunnies – Ebay
Bag – The Warehouse


New Years Eve


During the day, on the 31st, Tony and I took my folks up to Red Beach, to visit his grandparents. The weather was rubbish, and really windy, so we gave up on our plan of having a picnic at the beach, but we did brave it out for long enough to have icecreams there! When we got to Tony’s grandparents house, his Nana brought out this huge big jar of Damson Liqueur, that she had made last year, and never got around to opening!  It was spectacular, and so she let me photograph the recipe, so that Tony and I can make some ourselves!

2016-01-04 16.26.11 |

It’s basically just Damson Plums, Sugar, and Gin, so it’s well worth giving it a go, because it was super tasty!

My folks were leaving on New Years Day, and some friends were here from Wellington, so we didn’t have a big New Years’ eve. I’m not opposed to partying, don’t get me wrong, but the idea of a few quiets at home, playing cards and eating fancy cheese with my friends and family was just what I needed!

New Years

Dress is a pre-loved Queen of Holloway number, and I’m sad I didn’t get any proper photos, because it is such a good fit! Yellow tulips on black-and-white polka dots sounds like a dreadful combo, but it’s really pretty!


Jan 2nd – Miss Pinup Entry Vid!

Screenshot (210)

Because I’m being brave this year, I’ve decided to enter the Miss Pinup NZ Competition!

This requires me to submit a questionnaire, 3 photos, and a 2minute entry video, in an effort to convince the judges that I should be selected as a finalist!
With some help from my friend Sam, I finished up the filming for mine on Saturday, so I’ve just got to edit it all now! No spoilers, but I think it’s the right kid of lame-and-funny that represents me well, so I’m really hoping other people get it toooo!

I wanted to show that I’m colourful and kitschy, so it made sense to choose my living room as the setting, because that’s full of, uh, colour and kitsch, I guess?
My dress is a homemade one, that I made roughly 4 years ago and still love to bits, and my glasses are a pair from Rita Sue, that I had my lenses put into a few years back!

I’ll show y’all the video once I’ve submitted it, but in the meantime, fingers crossed for me!


It’s been a crazy-busy few weeks, but it was amazing having my family here, and I hope they enjoyed themselves as much as I did!


This coming week is ‘Pattern Clash’, so keep an eye out for that….it’s already proving to be a challenge!

<3 Fran


  1. Julia

    Thanks for a fabulous time Fran! Look forward to seeing you all again soon!

  2. Meagan Kerr

    It looks like you had a fabulous time – and so many amazing outfits as always. I’m super excited about your entry for Miss Pinup, good luck! xo


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