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So pretty recently I stumbled across the NZ Style Curvettes facebook page, which is run by Meagan of This is Meagan Kerr (who is a total inspiration for all the plus-sized ladies of NZ who care about fashion and body positivity!)

Anyway, Meagan has set a weekly instagram outfit challenge, and I love a good challenge, so I’ve decided to get on board!


Obviously I’m a little late to the party, but between now and the end of July, I’m going to be aiming to post at least one outfit that fits the theme of the week!

Last week, the theme was ‘Night Out’, which was nice and convenient, because Tony and I were going out for dinner with his family on Saturday night (to the Mexican Cafe, which anyone who follows me on Instagram will know is my favourite place to eat in Auckland!)


I’d spent the entire day working outside (I even got to drive a digger you guys!) so I didn’t have the time or motivation to get too dolled up, but luckily I had the perfect skirt for the occasion! Seriously, wear a sparkly skirt and nobody will notice that you aren’t wearing makeup, or that your hair isn’t set, because they’ll be too distracted by the sparkles.



Skirt – Asos Curve

I’m not going to lie, you guys, I’m usually terrified of wearing pencil skirts. I have such big hips that I just never feel comfortable in fitted skirts (if I can even find any that fit without being too big everywhere else) but when I saw this pic of the gorgeous Cara wearing her rainbow sequined pencil skirt, I decided that I also needed a sequined pencil skirt.
Only a few days after I’d decided to start looking for one, this beauty popped up on a facebook buy-sell page that I’m part of, and I snapped it up for $40 – bargain! This is my second wear, and each time I put it on, I never want to take it off again.

Top – City Chic

This top has been a staple in my wardrobe for a few years now, but there always seems to be a version of it available at CC. It’s an unlined thick chiffon, with a really nice dual-layered bias-cut peplum, so it’s all floaty and flattering, but still very fitted through the waist and bust, which is basically my dream shape for everything! It’s good in summer, because it’s lightweight, and can be dressed up or down really easily! So versatile!
Plus it’s the perfect length the cover up the less-than-flat stomach area that I’m pretty self-conscious about, without being a tunic / tent.

I went crazy minimal on the hair and makeup, and accessories, as it was a pretty casual dinner, and I’d been working outside all day, so I just wore a pink satin tie belt, and a black satin bow with some french netting, both of which I made for various other things, but seemed to work nicely with this!

I also managed to find nail polish that perfectly matched my skirt – a China Glaze one called ‘Your Present Required’ which I put on over whatever was already on my nails (something burgandy, from Napoleon Perdis, I think?)

All in all, I reckon I scrub up ok, and I’m really looking forward to the rest of the challenges!

I’m also participating in Miss Rouge‘s Pinup Christmas outfit challenge, so check out my instagram for my almost-12-days of Christmas-themed outfits!

<3 Fran

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