Ode to a Collared Shirt

It is absolutely no secret that I live in collared shirts almost year round, but they are a serious winter wardrobe staple for me. I also have a deep-rooted passion for wearing ties, but I do understand that they can definitely feel a little uniform-like for some people, so today I’m going to show y’all my three favourite ways to accessorize shirts so I don’t feel like I’m off to school!

1. Nylon Scarves!

I find the best and easiest way to soften the look of a collared shirt is to tie a scarf at the neck, either like a jabot or in a huge big bow. This is also a really handy way to disguise potentially gaping buttons, for those of us with, uh, ample busts! You can easily pick a plain scarf in a colour that matches whatever you’re wearing, or something patterned that contrasts nicely against the colour of your shirt, and it looks super cute!

Dress – Your One Stop Pinup Shop
Scarf – Vintage
Shoes – Lola Ramona from 19Black 
Shirt – Stolen from my Husband

2. Statement Necklaces!

I love big giant jewellery! Mostly because I have a huge chest tattoo, so anything pretty and dainty just disappears, but also because I’m a little bit over-the-top (I know, I know, it came as a shock to me too)
A really good way to get wear out of larger necklaces is to incorporate them into your day-to-day wear – I wear big giant diamante necklaces over crisp white shirts, or plain coloured detailed necklaces over patterned shirts, using the colours of the rest of my outfit to take queues. This leather-look knot necklace is one I regularly wear when I’m wearing brown leather or wooden accessories, because as a neutral it works with most colours and has a kind of bowtie vibe. There are plenty of rope-knot necklaces readily available in stores, but they are also super easy to make!

Necklace + Bangles – Lovisa
Shirt – Ballentynes
Jumper Skirt – Your One Stop Pinup Shop
Belt + Shoes – Thrifted 

3. Ties!

Ok, ok, I know, I said I was showing you things that are’t from your school uniform, but I lied. Ties are a thoroughly underrated commodity in women’s fashion, and I really think they deserve more attention! There is nothing more boss-lady-chic than a woman in a shirt and tie with a pencil skirt or a wiggle dress, ready to kick ass and take names. Ties are easy to find in all kinds of textures and colours, and while I have a preference for skinny ties, anything goes! There are also literally thousands of ways to tie a tie (my favourites are the Eldridge and the Trinity Knot, but my go-to is the Windsor) so you can make them look fancy as all hell, and show up all the men you know wearing their standard Four-in-Hand knot.

Tie – Hallensteins
Shirt + Cape – Your One Stop Pinup Shop
Dress – Pinup Girl Clothing
Hat + Brooch – Vintage

So there you have it – Collared Shirts like a boss lady!

Massive thanks to Elizabeth J Photography for the photos, it’s always such a good time hanging out with Liz so I would highly recommend booking a shoot with her if you can!

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