Ok, I admit it – I was wrong about T-Shirts

Yeah, ok, I know I’ve said before that I don’t like casual clothes, but you guys, I’ve been converted.

As ya’ll know, I work a lot at markets and events, so my work tops need to be things that I can move in, that ideally have a high neck (so as not to be too boobs-in-face for my clients) and will wash and wear easily…..so, basically, t-shirts! Now, I haven’t really been a t-shirt wearer in the past – I’m not a fan of slogans or graphics usually, and I don’t love sleeves – but when I was buying my Pink Lurlene Jump Skirt from Your One Stop Pinup Shop (the denim one is so good, I couldn’t pass up the pink one too!) I saw that Bek had a whole stack of tees that looked exactly like what I needed to add to my summer wardrobe!

The Louella Deville Saddle Tops are super soft stretch knit tees with a 40s inspired shape and some extra length, so they’ll work tucked into high waisted skirts / pants, or out over modern jeans. At the moment they come in Solid Black, Leopard Print, and Black and White Stripes, and because my wardrobe is severely lacking in neutrals I grabbed all of them (and this ultra cute orange and white striped Bonsai Kitten for Louella Deville tee, because how could I say no to orange and white stripes?!)

The Black and Leopard I got in a 22 (which has been consistently my size with LDV clothing) and they fit really well in the bust and hips, but are a little looser around my waist. This didn’t come as a suprise though, finding things to fit both my waist and my bust perfectly is nigh impossible so I’m really happy that they fit as well as they do, but if you are similarly proportioned to me then you can definitely think about sizing down if you like a tight fit! The Striped version has a slightly different size chart, so in that one I’m wearing a 2XL. It is a slightly smaller fit, but I like my tshirts to be tight and it has plenty of stretch.

I really love the neckline on these tees – I can wear my slightly longer necklaces over them, and they are definitely a lot more work appropriate than others I’ve found – and the sleeve length is perfect for me, especially coming into summer events where I need to be able to move around with ease and not get too hot!

Most of all though, I really appreciate that Bek makes such an effort to make sure that her range is plus-friendly. It’s hard finding cute basics that are flattering and comfortable but also look nice on a plus sized frame, and most of the time shopping for things like this can be pretty depressing, so being able to order something that feels like pyjamas but makes me look like a rockabilly badass and fits so well is just the coolest thing ever.

Massive thanks to Emmy Lou Photography for taking these photos for me! It was such fun traipsing around the West Lynn Gardens with Emma, and I love that she has such a passion for representing women in a body positive way!

Until next time,

<3 Fran

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