Outfit Catch-Ups – Cardigans, Workwear & Jewellery!

Wow, the last few weeks have been all kinds of crazy for me, but mostly because my poor husband had an accident at work and crushed his hands, so he’s been housebound since I got home from my Dunedin trip a few weeks back.


Mr Fran – Looking a little sorry for himself at North Shore Hospital before they released him back into the wild

Of course this has meant that, for the most part, I’ve stayed home too….and that meant I mostly stayed in my pjs.

I’ve taken photos and stuck to the themes for days I have gone places, so I’ll still share my insights, but these were three themes that didn’t get a lot of attention from me!

(Excuse some of the terrible photos, instagram husband can’t push buttons so I’ve had to get creative!)

Cardigan Week!

I live in cardigans in winter for a few reasons, but mostly because I don’t believe in having a winter wardrobe so I just wear my summer dresses year-round, and layer up with cute coloured cardigans to avoid freezing to death!

I always manage to find good coloured cardis at SaveMart – never in my size, but since they’re always either open, or tucked into skirts, it kind of doesn’t matter. If they have a bit of stretch and are only a few dollars, I’m not going to pass them up. I keep them in colour order in my wardrobe, and keep a list on my phone of colours that I’m missing so I can snap them up if I see them while I’m out opshopping!

Day One – Monday

Skirt – Lady V London Dress, folded
Bag – Vera May
Shirt – Hell Bunny from Rita Sue Clothing
Petticoat – Preloved Vivien of Holloway
Shoes – Number One Shoes
Glasses – Zenni Optical
Belt – KMart
Cardi – Thrifted
Scarf – Vintage

Day Two – Wednesday

Dress – Preloved Hell Bunny
Bag – Retro Addiction
Petticoat – Moxie Mama Wear
Shoes – KMart
Glasses – Zenni Optical
Belt – Farmers
Scarf – Vintage
Cardi & Bangles – Thrifted

Day Three – Friday

Dress – Preloved Pinup Girl Clothing
Petticoat – Rita Sue Clothing
Shoes – Miss L Fire
Belt – Pagani
Glasses – Zenni Optical
Scarf & Necklace – Vintage
Cardi & Bangles – Thrifted

Bonus Saturday Party Outfit!

Top – City Chic
Skirt – Collectif Clothing
Shoes – Melissa from Hannahs
Petticoat – Tock Tick Vintage
Bag, Necklace & Turban – Vintage

Workwear Week!

The thing about workwear is that, short of my cute Beauty School Dropouts tee, I don’t really dress a certain way for work. In fact, I wear what I normally wear, since I usually look fun and interesting and that’s basically my whole brand!

I do, however, always feel more like a proper boss lady in a collared shirt or dress, so I have a few of those that I wear frequently for meetings and times where I need to really feel like the boss.

Day One – Sunday


Sunday was the Scouts NZ Regional Forum for the Upper North Island, which was my first official engagement as the new Regional Rover Leader! I’ve never been a huge fan of uniforms (surprise, surprise) but I have to set an example now=, so I donned my grey shirt and some purple accessories to match the logo…whatever I can do to make the uniform more exciting!

Shirt – Scouts NZ
Skirt – Collectif Clothing
Shoes – Number One Shoes
Glasses – Sunglasses from Rita Sue, with my lenses fitted
Hair Clip – Made with Love NZ
Belt – Thrifted

Day Two – Thursday

Dress – Preloved Pinup Girl Clothing
Belt – Pagani
Petticoat – Tock Tick Vintage
Glasses – Zenni Optical
Bag, Hat & Necklace – Vintage
Shoes – Thrifted

Day Three – Friday

Top – Preloved Pinup Girl Clothing
Skirt – Preloved Oblong Box Shop
Shoes – Hannahs
Belt – KMart
Petticoat – Moxie Mama Wear
Glasses – Zenni Optical
Black Bangle – Ample Armoury
Bamboo Bangles – Retro Resins
Wooden Bangles – Lovisa
Necklace – Homemade
Scarf, Earrings & Bag – Vintage

Jewellery Week!

This is another theme that I make the most of every single day of the week! I wear a whole lot of jewellery, all the time, but it’s mostly divided into three camps – Plastic, Wooden, and Glitzy as Fuck.
I don’t wear actual jewellery – dainty chains and little pendants get lost in amongst my tattoos, and the crazy amount of colour I wear on a daily basis kind of demands a certain level of over-the-top jewellery too!

Day One – Monday – Plastic

Top & Belt – Lindy Bop from Rita Sue Clothing
Skirt – Vanessa Kelly Clothing
Petticoat – Moxie Mama Wear
Glasses – Zenni Optical
Bag & Scarf – Retro Addiction
Necklace – Homemade
Bangles & Shoes – Thrifted

Day Two – Tuesday – Wooden

Dress – Pinup Girl Clothing
Cardi – Preloved Max
Shoes – Number One Shoes
Earrings – Rita Sue Clothing
Bamboo Bangles – Retro Resins
Orange Bangles – Thrifted
Necklace – Vintage
Hair Flower – Homemade
Sunglasses – Ebay

Day Three – Saturday – Glitzy as Fuck!

Dress – Chi Chi London
Petticoat – Moxie Mama Wear
Shoes – Astra Bridal
Necklace, Bracelets & Earrings (on shoes) – Adorne Jewellery
Turban – Homemade!


And again, because I want to show it off in all it’s glory!

Bonus Jewellery – Wedding Ring!


Wearing both of mine (bottom) and my husband’s (top) while he was playing with heavy machinery

My wedding band and engagement ring are the only pieces of ‘real’ jewellery that I wear.

I have pretty strong personal opinions about diamonds and I knew I wanted something dainty and a bit different, so I had this silver set made with a London Blue Topaz, which is my favourite stone!

My husband and I met in scouts, so we both have the same knot on our rings.
We had a knot tying ceremony at our wedding, and chose the figure-eight knot because it’s a stopper knot that gets stronger when it’s under pressure, which we thought was pretty symbolic. It can be tied with either one rope or two, and is equally strong either way, which represents us pretty well.

(I also have this knot tattooed on my arm as a reminder to always thrive under pressure, so it’s quite nice that we could use it as a symbol for our relationship!)

Mine – Natsuko Jewellery
His – Theresa Pytell

So that is us, all caught up!
This week’s theme is ‘Florals’, so I’ll have a few outfits to share with you on Monday or Tuesday!

<3 Fran

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