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Waters Edge

A couple of weeks ago, we had an exhibition open in Silo 7 ( at Silo Park) for the ‘Waters Edge’ project.

Let’s talk about Branding….

  I know this is something that isn’t in the same vein as my usual rambling blog posts, but one of my assignments for Uni this week was to write a blog post / essay, so instead of setting up a whole new blog for just one post, I figure you guys can deal with reading about my three favourite artists, who have successfully manipulated the art market through effective branding techniques! Personal branding is…
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Biggest Head in NZ

Last week I got a phone call from Chang Hung, who is a producer on The Edge’s afternoon show, with Guy Williams, Sharyn Casey, and Clint Roberts. At first, I thought I’d won something, but then I remembered that in order to win things, you actually have to enter competitions, and given that I haven’t listened to The Edge for about 10 years, it was unlikely that I’d entered anything! Turns out they had heard…
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What I Made This Week!

….Except actually, I made these last week, I’ve just been mega-busy with all kinds of other projects so I haven’t been able to show them off! After our wedding, we had a whole heap of apothecary jars left over, so I made some of them into terrariums as thank-you gifts for the people that helped us out!

What I made this week…

When you make things for other people every day, sometimes you stop enjoying it. Last year, I was beginning to get bored of my work, because all I was doing was making things that other people told me to make. I mean, there was obviously creativity involved, people don’t commission things if they could find the same thing in a store, but using up all of my creative energy on other people was lame. I…
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And so it begins!

Hi everyone! My name is Fran, and I make things. But you knew that, or you wouldn’t be here! A little about me… I’m 24, and I live in Auckland with my husband Tony, and our Norwegian Forest cat, Selene. (She’s exceptionally cute, but very antisocial. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see a lot more of her – @frantasy_islandĀ ) We’re both pretty nerdy, and love video games, sci-fi movies, and comic book heroes….
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