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As you guys know, I’ve been a bit all-over-the-place with my blog lately, and ended up travelling around a bit for work, so my involvement in the NZ Style Curvettes’ Outfit Challenge fell by the wayside. But not to worry – I’m slowly getting my shit together, getting back into it, and aiming for at least one outfit a week that fits the theme!
(You’ll have to excuse the photos this time round – most are stolen from Instagram, and I have somehow completely destroyed one of the legs on my tripod so I figured I could just use my mobile instead of my real camera, and that was a mistake….but you get the idea!)


Last week, the theme was pastels, but there were a few pretty action-packed moments during the week that weren’t on theme, so I’ll cover them too!


I had a photoshoot with Elizabeth J Photography on Sunday, following on from the Miss Pinup New Zealand competition the previous day!
This meant getting up bright and early to make myself look presentable, so we could get to the Esplanade hotel in Devonport for 10am.

IMG_20160410_071038As part of my prize for winning Miss Pinup I got some new Phoenix makeup brushes, which match my hair!

I decided to wear my hair out, so I curled the ends with hot sticks, and then set some loose waves into them with duckbill clips. I didn’t want anything too structured, just a bit of shape, because I needed it to go with a few different outfits, and last through inclement weather and wardrobe changes!


I forgot to take any actual photos of how my hair turned out, so I only have this instagram selfie from the car ride there! Whoops! You’ll all see it once I get to see the photos from the shoot, which I will be able to show you once they’ve been published in the Adore Pinup magazine!


After our shoot, I brushed my hair, pinned in my crown, and we stopped in at the Gilligan’s Island Party – the official VVDO after party – to wind down, catch up, and meet everyone! We could only stay for a few hours, as I had to drop my Mama and my Aunt at the airport, but I enjoyed what little time I had there!
Miss Peach and The Travellin’ Bones played, and they were amazing, and I got to properly chat to a few of the people that I hadn’t been able to catch up with at VVDO, which was awesome!


12973221_10154099509063834_2090235756427121653_o (1)(Photo courtesy of Anybody Photography)


Skirt – Homemade 
Shirt and Necklace – Opshop
Belt – The Warehouse,
I honestly didn’t realise I was wearing two petticoats until I saw this photo!
The red one is from Rita Sue Clothing, and the white one is from Moxie Mama!

Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday!

Now, I’ll level with you guys, I took most of last week off. I had a few small makeup jobs here and there, and I did some work on my uni assignments, but for the most part I hung around at home and organised my wardrobe-room (or ‘Wardroom’, as it has become known)


I might have showed off this photo already, but this is my current jewellery display made up of 4 concertina-style wall hook units, which I picked up from a dollar store for $2 each! I’ve rearranged it a little since I took this photo, but you get the idea! It comfortably fits everything, and I get to see it all laid out in colour order, which appeals to my slightly anal-retentive nature. I also have my petticoats hung up in colour order, and my flowers and bows on the wall in a rainbow too, as you can see in the shot below (there are a few gaps in this shot, but that was because most of them were still in my box of miscellaneous VVDO accessories at this point!) This just means it is super easy for me to find everything that I’m looking for in a hurry, and I don’t have to pick through a messy assortment of flowers to find the best pink one for a certain dress, because they’re all together and I can make direct comparisons!


I’ve also been trying to find a decent solution for storing alllllll the handbags, and I’m pretty sure that while it might not be the prettiest way, having them categorised on these crappy warehouse shelves is definitely the most practical! I have one shelf for beaded bags, one for glomesh, one for small leather satchels, one for small leather handbags, one for wicker, one for larger handbags, and two for large totes. All the big or unusually shaped bags are on the top, and all my sports bags / travel luggage is in the top of the wardrobe.

I am the kind of person that will forget what I own if I can’t see it at all times, so having things out and easily accessible ensures that they’ll actually get used!
I need a better shoe storage system though, because I definitely have more shoes than this picture would suggest. In fact, just out of frame (next to the walking stick / parasol collection) is a knee-high pile of shoes that are yet to find homes. I had an over-the-door shoe rack, but that doesn’t fit all the shoes on it, and the only doors in the room are really close together, so it makes the entryway a little claustrophobic! I am using it to display all my hats though, which I’ll show you all once I get the room organised enough for a proper wardrobe tour!


I also found a use for my crown, while I’m not wearing it! I’ve got a stack of clip in extensions in various colours, so that I can add them in here and there to add volume, and coordinate with what I’m wearing! I used to keep them all in a drawer, but they all got tangled up and it was too much work to untangle them if I wanted to use them, so now they’re pinned to my wig block, and held in place with the crown! Looks like a really badass wig, so now I’m getting all these ideas for a new wig project….when I get some free time!



Dress – Pre-loved Lindy Bop
Petticoat – Pre-loved Vivien of Holloway
Shoes – Number One Shoe Warehouse
Belt – Pagani
Cardigan and Hair Flower – Rita Sue Clothing

My biggest issue whenever I change my hair is that I can’t always reconcile having another colour to coordinate with? Like, it took me a really long time to be ok with the idea that the pink in my hair didn’t actually need to go with what I was wearing all the time, and now that I’ve got yellow in there too….well, I quickly found myself slipping back into old matchy-matchy habits!

I’ve always been a huge fan of bright colours, and sometimes I have to remind myself to pare back a little! Wearing plain-coloured accessories with bold prints works fine, but I always feel a little like a cartoon character when I’m wearing all solid colours, if they’re all super bright, so this is where I can make use of pastels – It’s still a colourful outfit, just not quite as garish as it could have been with hot pink accessories!


Shirt and Necklace – Vintage
Skirt – Vanessa Kelly Clothing
Petticoat – Rita Sue Clothing
Shoes – Number One Shoe Warehouse
Hair Clip – Made with Love NZ

My favourite thing about this skirt is that, while it’s crazy colourful and features one of my favourite colour combinations – Purple and Orange – it’s actually also quite muted! Vanessa made this one for me, to wear during the day at VVDO and I loved it as soon as I laid eyes on the fabric! Because of the amount of colour, it works really nicely with pastels – Mint Green and Lilac in particular – so I was thrilled when I picked up this headpiece from Rebecca while I was at Beach Hop! It has exactly the right shades of purple to match the flowers on the skirt, and it sits flat to my head, which a nice change from my usual gigantic hair flowers. This means I can wear it more casually, and I don’t need to elaborately style my hair to incorporate it (but it looks equally good if I do!)
Anyway, on Saturday we were just doing boring house-cleaning, but I also managed to convince Tony to come to Retro Addiction with me! They had lent me a few walking canes to try out before deciding on one, so I needed to return the one I wasn’t keeping. And, you know, any excuse to scope out their treasures! I bought a cute white wicker purse, and a decanter that looks like an erlenmeyer flask to add to my collection of interesting retro bar-ware, and then I had to leave before I spent any more money!

(If you haven’t been to check them out, I’d highly recommend a trip! The shop is on New North Road, but they’re also super active on TradeMe)

And not a pastel outfit in any way, but that evening was the farewell / birthday party for the always gorgeous Jaimee (Soda Fontaine) who is disappearing off to London tomorrow! I am notoriously bad for taking my camera to things and then forgetting to use it, so you’ll all have to make do with some snaps I stole from Instagram….

12230984_1589896968004459_650154101_nWith my foxy friends Miss Charlotte Cake, Miss Lily Kate, and, of course, Soda Fontaine!

Skirt- Pinup Girl Clothing
Top – Crossroads
Brooch – Erstwilder from 19 Black
Shoes and Necklace – Opshop 12912621_574646799361559_2076465370_n

It was awesome catching up with everyone, and it was particularly lovely to be able so see Jaimee before she jets off on her big adventure!

Aaaaaand…..that was last week!

I’m skipping this week’s challenge – the theme is Pyjamas, and I’m not really a loungewear kinda gal, so I don’t have anything to contribute – but I’ll see you next week for a whole post about shoes!

<3 Fran



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