Pinup Christmas!

So, let me preface this by confessing something – I don’t like Christmas themed stuff.
I love Christmas itself, because I get to spend time with my family and the people I love, but I just cannot stomach Santa-printed giftwrap, or tinsel drenched trees, or fake snow, or any of that shit. Blergh.

This year though, I hosted my first family Christmas, with my parents driving up from Dunedin to spend a week or so with my brother and I, which really forced me to be a touch more festive!

So, a few days before they were due to arrive, Tony and I toddled off to The Warehouse to buy a half-priced Christmas Tree, so we at least had something to put the presents under!
After putting it up, it did seem a little, well, naked, so I had a rummage around in the garage for the leftover decorations from our wedding (in February….lucky we’re basically hoarders, right?) which match our living room decor pretty spectacularly, so I didn’t feel quite so icky about putting them up in our lounge!

And then I heard about Miss Rouge’s ’12 Days of Christmas’ instagram countdown, so I decided to challenge myself – Could I go 12 days wearing reasonably festive clothes?
Usually, in the lead up to Christmas, I avoid wearing anything Red, White or Green, just in case people think I’m trying to be festive, so this was going to take a bit of getting used to….

Well. Today is Boxing Day, and I made it. I’m honestly suprised at how many red-and-white things I own, especially given that only one of the 12 days didn’t involve traditionally Christmassy colours, and I still have a few red-white-and-green dresses that didn’t make the cut!

I’m not going to bother with all of them, but I will share a few of my favourites from the countdown, so here goes…

Not completely sure how this dress came into my life, or the brand, but I love it so much! Super casual, but always looks pretty put together, which I can totally get on board with.
The white petticoat was an Ebay cheapy. It’s organza, which I prefer to the fluffy chiffon ones because they have a bit more structure, and actually puff out from my hips (which is no mean feat!)
Shoes – Pre-loved
Necklace and Brooch – Vintage
Belt – Pagani.



Day 5 is a pre-loved Lindy Bop dress that came from a friend of mine!
This is the first time I’ve worn it, as the arms are quite tight, so it’s not very practical for work. Plus it’s really Christmassy colours, which has put me off in the past. But it is pretty comfortable otherwise, and actually reasonably cute!
Petticoat is a Hell Bunny one, that I bought from Rita Sue a million years ago. It’s really quite uneven at the bottom, but it does the job. I wouldn’t buy another, but mostly because I would rather my petticoats be stiffer. There are an amazing range of other really great brands of petticoat in store at Rita Sue at the moment though, so definitely check them out!
Shoes are Miss L Fire, and I’m sad they’re cut off in this photo, because they are the cutest red glittery shoes I’ve ever seen!
Scarf and brooch – Vintage
Belt – Pagani.


On day 6, I didn’t get particularly dressed up, as I was going to be out helping with a community building project with Scouts, but I got to drive a digger in my dress and petticoat, so this had to be included!
Dress – Pre-loved Hell Bunny
Scarf – Vintage.


Another day of digging and laying foundations, so nothing tooooo flash, and no hair and makeup!
Top is a Ponte Knit Peplum top from City Chic. They always seem to have variations on this top, with different necklines and a heap of different colours and patterns! I have a few, and I really like them, because I can never find straight tops that fit over my hips without being really boxy in the waist, so anything with a fitted waist and a peplum is ok by me!
Skirt is a pre-loved Betty Le Bonbon, in a sweet tropical print, which I love! It’s shorter than what I would usually wear, but my legs aren’t that bad so I think I can work it. Haha.
Belt – City Chic
Scarf – Vintage!


Day 9 is my prize dress! It’s an authentic vintage rayon number, with a cute cut-out ‘V’ back, and a really full skirt. So comfortable, and really quite flattering on, I think!
Belt – Pagani
Snood – Ebay
Necklace – Vintage!


DAY 12
Christmas day!
Decided to wear my favourite new-pre-loved Betty le Bonbon skirt, because it’s so colourful, but still totally muted enough for Christmas with my inlaws!
Paired it with another favourite pre-loved item – My Collectif Clothing Dolores top. I love love love this shirt. It is such a good fit. I have it in black too, but I definitely should have asked Santa for a few more colours.
Petticoat is from Moxie Mama, and it’s another thing I need in a few more colourways! As I said before, I don’t usually love soft chiffon petticoats, but this is a single layered one, and it is really nice. Really comfortable, well made, and doesn’t stick to my legs like my Hell Bunny ones do!
Belt – Pagani
Necklace – Lovisa
Flower – Handmade, but available here

And a bonus shot of the aftermath of my Christmas Poodle, once I’d taken all the pins out! So many curls!

So there you have it! Christmas, done and dusted for another year!
I hope you all had good food and quality time with the people you love,
<3 Fran


  1. Yvonne

    The green dress is super amazing, I have never seen abother like it and you look stunning. I adore the original vintage dress you wore and that skirt is a show stopper. Whatr a terrific selection of clothes!! XOXO

  2. Anissa

    Lol, you got two of those dresses off me!!!!
    Well done on doing this, I didn’t know bout it ?


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