Pinup Pants with Miss CC!

My gorgeous friend Miss Charlotte Cake approached me a few weeks ago to talk about doing a post, highlighting different ways to style pants while still looking like a glam pinup babe!

Now, I have to confess something – I don’t wear pants. At all. Ever.
I have a pair of black denim jeans, and a pair of black-and-white striped jeans (commonly referred to as my Beetlejuice Pants), both of which were bought as costume items, sometime in 2012 / 2013.

57521_4772386195208_2024194413_o (1)
Because you can’t be Han Solo in a skirt – 2012

And they’ve each only been worn a handful of times since.

It’s not that I don’t like other people in pants, I just don’t feel comfortable in them myself. Which is totally fine.
Plus, you know, when my waist and my hips are such different sizes, it does make it quite hard to find pants that fit nicely without them being too big and too small, all at once.

But man, pants are fucking cool. And there are some super cool pants out there. Which was why I was super keen to see how Charlotte was planning on styling hers!

Her post, including all the outfit details, is here, but here are a few of my favourite shots!

Charlotte - Watermark (10 of 46)

Charlotte - Watermark (12 of 46)


Charlotte - Watermark (15 of 46)

Charlotte - Watermark (20 of 46)

Charlotte - Watermark (26 of 46)

Charlotte - Watermark (29 of 46)

Charlotte - Watermark (40 of 46)

Charlotte - Watermark (42 of 46)

Super cute, right?
Almost makes me think about giving pants another try!

We had initially planned on shooting outdoors, but the weather had been truly dreadful, with torrential rain and a whole hell of a lot of wind, so we decided to move things indoors, and shoot in my lounge! This was exciting, as it meant that we got a chance to catch up properly, and Charlotte made a big decanter of Pimms, full of oranges, strawberries, and cucumber, which was nice and refreshing – perfect for a muggy Saturday afternoon!

Charlotte - Watermark (13 of 46)


I’ll be honest, after she left, I drank the whole thing, and I don’t regret it (even if it did make for some questionable measuring, when I had to cook for a dinner party later that day!)

But for real you guys, if I always get fancy cocktails when shooting with Charlotte, I’m definitely doing it again!

<3 Fran

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  1. Miss Charlotte Cake

    You so cute! Thanks again babes <3


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