So you want to change your wardrobe…

I always tell people that they should be whoever they want to be, and wear whatever they feel the most amazing in, but here’s the thing – I know for a fact that it isn’t always that easy. It can take a while to feel confident enough in who you are to go out all dolled up in your finery if it’s not something you’re used to, and that’s totally ok! Changing your personal style can be quite a transformation process, and all transformations require a certain amount of bravery until you begin to feel authentically you, so here are my top tips for an easy transition!

1. Start small

You don’t need to go all out right away and turn up to work tomorrow in a petticoat and gloves – maybe start by adding accessories, or wearing your swing skirts with tees and sneakers on weekends. Most importantly though, start with things you already like. If you’re usually a jeans-and-tee girl then find a way to amp that up a little, rather than jumping head first into a whole new wardrobe while you’re still trying to work out your style.

2. Quality over Quantity

Build your new wardrobe with key pieces – it’s tempting to get a little crazy and buy lots of cheap things that you’ll end up not wearing, but that’s not sustainable and it’s a huge waste of money. While you’re still figuring out your personal style, choose well-made and versatile essentials to mix in with your existing wardrobe. I wrote a post for The Pinup Registry about building a capsule wardrobe, so take a look at that if you’re not sure where to start! Pinterest and Polyvore are both excellent places to look for capsule wardrobe inspiration too, so have a look around for a formula that works for you.

3. Take it at your own pace

Don’t ever feel like you aren’t ‘pinup enough’ or ‘rockabilly enough’ just because you don’t do it full time – there’s plenty of time for that to happen if that’s what you eventually want to do, but no pressure, you can make this as slow a transition as you like, or you can make it an only-on-weekends thing if that works better for your lifestyle!

4. Be confident, or don’t bother.

Whatever you’re wearing, own it. Remember that you felt fabulous when you left the house, and don’t let that feeling change. If you feel uncomfortable or awkward in something before you go out in public, then that’s only going to be amplified when you go out into the world, so maybe get changed and try again tomorrow.
And remember – people stare, it happens, you just have to smile and ignore them. Honestly I used to feel a little self-conscious whenever I caught people staring at me, and then I realised that I’d probably stare at me too, so people don’t always do it disrespectfully. If you look confident and comfortable with who you are, the compliments you get from strangers will totally overpower the sideways looks.

5. Don’t compare yourself to other people!

Instagram is a highlights reel – people don’t often post photos of themselves in their work uniforms, or on days when they stay in their dressing gowns all day – so of course all you’re going to see is the polished side of the people you follow. Feel free to use their feeds as inspiration, but don’t feel as though you’re somehow not ‘enough’ because you don’t have wardrobes like theirs, or can’t do your hair and makeup like them, or don’t have super polished photos like them.

So, that’s my advice for reinventing your wardrobe!
I know it’s easier said than done, and these things evolve organically, but the most important thing is to just have a go. You’ll never know if it’s not for you unless you give it a try!

Until next time,
Fran <3

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