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I come across so many amazing things on a daily basis, and I always forget to share them, so I’ve decided to put together a weekly round-up of things I’m completely in love with!

Beauty – LeKeux Cosmetics

Every Cream – 40ml – £15.99 from 
LeKeux Cosmetics

Deliciously scented and ultra-rich, our new face cream dissolves make up and grime, as well as moisturising for soft, supple, clean feeling skin.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have super dry skin, especially when I’m stressed! I’ve been using Oils of Life range from The Body Shop (see my review here) to keep from looking like a flaky mess, but because I wear a lot of makeup I also need a makeup remover that isn’t going to destroy my face.
I was given the LeKeux Cosmetics Every Cream by a friend who was moving overseas and couldn’t take her entire beauty cabinet with her, and I was super excited to try it! I’ve spent a lot of time backstage in my 26 years, and I have distinct memories of using cold cream not only under my stage makeup, but also to take it off at the end of the night, so I kind of figured that this would be similar.
It’s very thick, but a little goes a long way and it does exactly what it claims to do – takes off makeup, and acts as a moisturiser. I like quite a heavy night cream, so this is perfect for that, and knowing that I’m not just playing catch-up (trying to claw back the moisture I’ve just depleted by taking off my makeup with a normal remover) means that my skin is actually recovering nicely from a stressful few months!

To remove make up and cleanse the skin, apply all over the face and wipe off with a warm damp cotton pad, muslin cloth or flannel. Pat face dry and re-apply as a moisturiser.

It’s cruelty free and paraben free too, so I would highly recommend giving it a try!

Cherry Bomb Lip Paint  £12.95 from LeKeux Cosmetics
LeKeux also have supremely adorable lip paint pots, which have become a firm favourite of mine to keep in my kit – saves me destroying lipsticks by hacking bits off them to use on clients, when I can dip into the cute little gem-shaped pots instead! They are well pigmented, buildable, and aren’t at all drying, but they have a slightly glossier consistency so they do need to be reapplied more frequently. However, with a good base of primer and lip liner they do last well and come in a range of really nice colours!
I’m partial to a good deep red, so Cherry Bomb is my favourite, but I also love the barbie pink of Diablo Rose!

Accessories – Deer Arrow Brooches!

Deer Arrow is made up of two sisters living on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, selling laser-cut acrylic and hand-painted wooden brooches, earrings, and necklaces!
They are exclusively stocked in NZ at Pinned On You (who also stock Erstwilder brooches) so as soon as I saw the latest collection being teased on Instagram I knew I needed to have this beauty…

…Isn’t she gorgeous?!?!

Deer Arrow Carmen Miranda Brooch – Pinned On You – $48NZD

I have a few Deer Arrow pieces, and they’re all fabulous quality as well as being supremely cute, so I knew that Carmen wouldn’t be any different. The construction is top-notch, and the attention to detail is impeccable – worth every cent! There were a few gorgeous ladies in this collection, so I definitely need to save my pennies and snag a few more!

Fashion – The ‘Ava’!

Ava Dress in Cream and Pink Floral Satin – XS – 4XL – $114USD
There are two reasons why this dress and I would never have met under normal circumstances – I hate soft florals, and I don’t like fitted dresses – but you guys, when Rita Sue recently asked me to model this dress I totally fell in love! I have a few weddings coming up over summer, so I needed something wedding appropriate that I could wear and be comfortable in, so this dress ticks all the right boxes!
The colours are beautiful, and the fit is much better than I would have expected from an off-the-rack dress – Going by the size chart I should be wearing a 4XL to fit my hips, but because of the wrap skirt my big ol’ hips aren’t putting strain on the side seams (which is usually an issue for me in wiggle dresses) and the tie belt means I can pull the waist in, so the 3XL fits pretty perfectly.
For reference, I am usually a 2XL in full skirts and sleeveless dresses from P.U.G, a 3XL in dresses with a full back, or a 4XL in fitted skirts and dresses. 

Bonus Extras – ‘Me’ time!

I’ve had a weird few months. With family emergencies, my husband getting injured, being supremely stressed and sick myself, launching a new business, and all the pressure I’ve been under to finish my degree….well, let’s just say it’s no small miracle that I haven’t had an actual real-life breakdown. I have, however, learnt the importance of slowing down and taking time for myself. I have so much going on all the time, and I’m trying my hardest to keep on top of things, but I also need to remember that ‘doing it all’ is only ok if you aren’t sacrificing your own happiness to look put together on the outside, because that doesn’t help anyone.

As such, I’ve decided to reward myself for working my ass off and take a summer holiday! It’ll be the first time I’ve gone somewhere without a work-related agenda (or under unpleasant circumstances) in years, so I’m making it a good one. It won’t be until August of 2017, so I have time to save, but I’m hoping to put a portion of my summer market earnings to good use and go to Greece for a month, so I actually get to have a summer for a change!
I’ll be based out of Athens, and my plan is mostly to sit in the sun and read books and eat good food, but I’d like to also do some touristy stuff so hit me with your recommendations!

And that’s my weekly round-up all wound up! Come back next week, I might even do it again!

<3 Fran

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