Thrifty as f*$&!

Let me start this by saying one thing – I am cheap. I am the stingiest bitch you’ll meet when it comes to shopping, because I have never got any money and I’d rather work hard to pay for experiences – dinners with friends, shows, visiting the people I love – than work 8 hours a day for a new dress.

I am, however, very particular about how I look, so I’ve become an expert thrifter! Last week, the theme for the NZ Style Curvettes Outfit Challenge was ‘Thrifted’, so what better way to show off my favourite methods of thrifting than to devote one day to each of them?!

Day One – Opshopping!

On Monday I decided to build a whole outfit from things I bought from local opshops!


I make a point of visiting as many opshops as I can, whenever I go out! Some days are great, and I cone away with all kinds of treasures, but some days I leave empty handed and that’s just the way things work out. You have to be patient and open minded with opshopping – go back regularly, comb through the racks, and don’t go to an opshop looking for anything in particular or you’ll get tunnel vision and miss all kinds of exciting bargains!

Everything I’m wearing in this photo came from opshops over many years, except for my shoes which were a TradeMe purchase.

Day Two – Facebook Sell and Swap Pages!

On Tuesday I decided to specifically focus on clothes and accessories bought on Facebook pages!


These Buy / Sell / Swap pages are fantastic ways to find things for cheap, and often are categorized well – I’m a member of several vintage, pinup, rockabilly, and plus-sized fashion BSS pages both in New Zealand and Worldwide – which means you don’t have to sift through quite as much junk!

This dress is my all-time favourite BSS score – It is a Winter Hibiscus Regina Doll Dress from Collectif Clothing, and it’s made of a fine corduroy which is almost velvet like, and super cosy!

The petticoat was also a FB BSS find, and is a super fluffy Vivien of Holloway one which is a really versatile shade of pink and goes quite nicely with the dress. I also got the Cardi and Necklace/Earrings set on Facebook, but my shoes were from the sale section at The Warehouse, my belt was opshopped, and my hair flower was homemade!

Day Three – TradeMe

Wednesday was my day to show off my favourite TradeMe scores!


This Pinup Girl Clothing dress was a total find! Except I have to come clean – I didn’t get this one on TradeMe. Instead, I bought almost this exact dress on TradeMe, but it was a size too large. This one was advertised on a FB page (in my size) a few weeks later, and someone mentioned she was looking for it in a larger size, so she bought this one and we swapped!

My Cardi, Belt, and Brooch were also all from TradeMe, but my petticoat is a second-hand Malco Modes one bought from a Facebook group, and my scarf was $5 from Retro Addiction! My Mama bought the bag from the Tip-Shop for me, and I had a fabulous pair of black flats from TradeMe, but they didn’t survive a fall in the gutter on the way to dinner so I had to swap them out for the only other shoes I had in the car – my sparkly lucite heels

Day Four – Homemade!

Thursday was the first day of my holiday, so the last day of ‘Thrifted’ week!


The best way to be thrifty and quirky all at once as a plus-sized girl is to get good at sewing! I trawl remnants bins, haberdashery sections at opshops, TradeMe, and Etsy looking for interesting fabric bargains to turn into exciting garments! I also find fake flowers to make hair accessories and decorate bags and shoes.

My Dress, Belt, Bandana, and Hairflower were homemade; Cardi, Necklace, and Bag were opshop finds; Shoes were on sale at Number One Shoes; and Petticoat from a Facebook Group!

So that was ‘Thrifted’ week. Come back next Monday for my take on ‘Western’!

<3 Fran


  1. dianne goggin

    Love your posts, so much stylish colour.

  2. Miss Glamour LaRue

    That pink petticoat – need need need


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