Winter Wardrobe Essentials with Louella Deville!

I like to think that my wardrobe is pretty all-encompassing – from sequinned gowns to novelty prints, I have clothes for most occasions, but I recently went through my closet and realised that I had -nothing- that was winter appropriate. This realisation struck me pretty hard and fast, actually, as it came about when I was packing for a trip home to see my family, who live in the eternal winter that is Dunedin. I spent two weeks freezing my butt off, and decided that something needed to change!

-1 isn't a real temperature!

-1 isn’t a real temperature!

Thankfully, the gorgeous Bek from Louella DeVille Boutique – Your One Stop Pinup Shop came to my rescue, with a supremely cute stash of goodies to see me through what is already proving to be a chilly winter!

Your One Stop Pinup Shop is just that – a one stop shop for all things pinup and rockabilly, with a huge range of clothing and accessories to suit all tastes! The newest range from Louella DeVille Clothing is designed by Bek herself, and has some absolutely gorgeous prints (including a dress with lemons and oranges that I can’t wait to buy for summer!) but I was on a mission to make sensible, seasonally appropriate style choices, so I picked out my four favourite things to build a little winter capsule wardrobe!

(Now is probably a good time to tell you that I tried to shoot these outfits outside in my cute little garden, but because it’s winter in Auckland we’ve had a full week of torrential rain, so I only managed to shoot one before I had to move inside, so please forgive my pink leopard print backdrop!)

1. A Collared Shirt

It’s no secret that I love a white collared shirt at all times, but especially in winter! They don’t disappear under a big woolly scarf, or vanish under a jumper or cardigan, and always make me feel like a proper boss lady!

The Louella DeVille Ava Shirt is gorgeous, super thick (I’m wearing a black bra under this you guys – it’s winter so our laundry isn’t drying as fast as I would like – but you can’t see it) and it has enough stretch that it fits in all the right places and doesn’t gape in the front! Obviously I have bigger hips, and this can cause some problems with button downs. This is where the splits in the front of the Ava really come into their own – without them lightening the load on the bottom button I would definitely have some pulling across my hips, so I wouldn’t be able to wear it untucked like this. I also like that it buttons to the neck – this is rare in women’s shirts, but I like to wear a scarf or a tie sometimes so this is such a key feature for me!

I also hate sleeves. Hate. I try to avoid wearing sleeves as much as possible because walking with crutches means I move my arms a lot, so having a cute sleeveless shirt is excellent – I can wear a cardi or a jumper if I’m cold, but I don’t have to feel all restricted!

2. A Plaid Dress!

I’m from Dunedin, where everything is some form of tartan or other, so plaid just screams winter to me! I love bold graphic prints, and the range of colour combos in plaids make accessorising super easy!

I don’t have a lot of black or red in my wardrobe anymore, but I have plenty of black and red accessories, so this was a no-brainer!
The Rizzo is a lightweight cotton, but it’s fully lined and perfect for layering. With such a low-cut bodice I do feel like I’d need to wear a camisole underneath if I weren’t wearing it with a collared shirt or a turtleneck or something, but that’s only because there’s no such thing as a decent plunge bra when you’re an 18F.
The white in the plaid means it’ll transition well to summer as well, and it has pockets! Huge pockets! I managed to fit my wallet, cellphone, and my power bank in just one of my pockets on Friday!

And, as a bonus feature – Because this buttons up at the front, it also works in with my dress-as-a-skirt collection, for versatility while I’m travelling!

Double Duty!

Double Duty!

3. A Denim Skirt

You might not consider a denim skirt to be a wardrobe essential, but I don’t wear jeans. In fact, I don’t wear pants at all. I have, however, become increasingly jealous of people who can wear jeans because they just seem so easy and effortless, so I figured that by adding a nice, neutral, dark denim skirt to my capsule wardrobe I’d be able to have days where I get to look effortless too!

Alright, so, it’s not strictly a skirt, but did you really think I’d pick something that was just a denim skirt? Really?
The Lurlene Jump-Skirt is so flippin’ cute. So cute. The denim is firm but not stiff, and has enough stretch to be comfortable. Plus, you guys, it has pockets AND the bib is shaped like a heart!

The dungaree-style straps button on and off at the front and the back, so with a quick flip of the bib, this can double as a plain denim skirt too, and the pockets make this a proper utility skirt!

See, it can just be a skirt!

See, it can just be a skirt!

4. A Cape!

This is a bit of a guilty pleasure piece for me – I have always loved capes, but trying to find one that’s warm without being bulky has been much harder than it should have been!

But that doesn’t matter because the search has come to an end – the Joan is basically everything I’ve wanted in a cape AND it’s reversible! I love that the snap closures are all the way down the front so I can wear it buttoned to the neck, or just under my bust if I have a high necked shirt on, and the length is just spot on for me – it hits right below the widest part of my hips, so I can wear a fitted skirt and it’ll disguise my VBO a bit, as well as accentuating my hourglass-ish shape if I belt it. I struggle with things that disguise my waist since that’s the smallest part of me, so I like that I can wear a huge big elastic belt around the middle and through the arm holes to still define my waist, without it getting all bunchy and restrictive.

A cape AND a waist? Sorcery!

A cape AND a waist? Sorcery!

And I feel a bit like a lady version of Sherlock Holmes, so really it’s a win all round!

So thanks to Your One Stop Pinup Shop, I am now fully prepared for any wintertime adventures! Bring it on!


  1. Julia

    Wow love the Plaid dress and the jumpskirt! The Cape is also lovely 😊. Given that it’s only the rain you have to battle in Auckland. I think you should send them all to Dunedin!

  2. Lynne

    Wow, the plaid dress and cape are gorgeous!


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