Working white into my wardrobe!

Sorry this is a touch late, I’ve been all kinds of occupied with work, and markets, and some gorgeous friends of mine who are visiting from Brisbane at the moment, so I haven’t had time to sit down and write!

Last week, the theme for the NZ Style Curvettes ‘Outfit Challenge’ was White.

For a plus-sized lass, there are often these supposed ‘rules’ around what she should and shouldn’t wear – No stripes, no bodycon, no large prints, no crops, etc – which is an absolute crock.
‘White’ is also always on that list.

The theory is that because light colours push things into the foreground, or make things look bigger, wearing white is unflattering on bigger frames….which is rubbish! (And while we’re at it, don’t even start me on the overuse of the word ‘flattering’ to refer to things that hide your curves, rather than showing them off!)
Anyway, the fact is, white can look amazing on people of all shapes and sizes! The key is confidence, and that confidence comes from telling the ‘rules’ to shove it, by finding things that you feel amazing in!

plus size quote

A good example of this is wedding dresses. On the NZ Style Curvettes Facebook page last week, there were so many photos popping up of all these gorgeous women in their wedding dresses, looking happy and radiant in white, but all the photos were captioned with things like “This is the only white thing I have” or “The only time I wore white”.
You could tell these women felt amazing about themselves on their big day, in their beautiful white gowns, because they didn’t care about the ‘rules’ – following tradition, and having the opportunity to feel like a princess, totally overruled the ingrained idea that white is bad.
But outside of the bubble of weddings, it can be overwhelming. Everyone is going to spend the whole of your wedding day telling you how amazing you look, but you don’t always get that when you’re walking down to the post office, or waiting in the queue at the supermarket. There’s none of that reassurance that makes you feel so damn fancy.

Except here, dear reader. I always think you look fancy!

Now, personally, white isn’t really a colour I wear. Mostly because, as a makeup artist and general craftsperson, it’s really tricky to keep clean, but also because I love colour, and for me, white just isn’t as exciting as all of my bright colours and bold prints! I didn’t even wear white to my own wedding, because it didn’t feel enough like me, you know?

Photo by Shenaye Campbell

But I digress.
In recent years, I’ve acquired a few pretty spectacular things that are predominately white – printed dresses that have white bases, or coloured dresses with large white prints – just apparently nothing that’s completely white!

This is mostly because, for me, finding a pretty dress that’s appropriate for summer weddings, or outdoor cocktail events, means picking something floral with a white or cream base.
These always look super crisp and fresh, whilst also being subdued enough to balance out the fact that I have pink hair and, you know, stand out a bit, which is not always the aim at other people’s events!

Photo by Erin Jensen – Imbed Creative

I didn’t wear any of my top-three pretty white dresses last week, as it’s been really warm and they all have full backs and capped sleeves, so it’s just way too hot for that sort of nonsense, but I did manage three other outfits – on the days that I wasn’t working with messy stuff!

Day 1 – Wednesday

Shoes – Kmart; Dress – Homemade; Silly Grin – Hereditary 

Wednesday was a day of hanging around at home, sewing some stuff and bedazzling a pair of shoes, so nothing particularly messy, but I didn’t want to get epoxy all over a nice dress, so I wore my favourite around-the-house dress! It’s one I made for myself a few years ago, so that I’d have something comfortable and lightweight to wear around the house, but that I wouldn’t feel too sloppy in if I had to go down to the dairy on the corner.
The fabric has a super-cute key-and-frame print, and I bought the last of it on the roll, so I used some leftover grey lining fabric from another project to make up the length and add some detail in the bustline, as well as making a matching tie belt and headscarf.

I love this dress, even if it is a pretty muted colour palette, because it’s super casual, and super comfortable, but still completely wearable if I need to leave the house in a hurry!

Day 2 – Friday

Hat – Vintage; Belt – City Chic; Shoes – Preloved; Dress – Lindybop

Friday was a bit of a day off for me!
A friend and I went for a wee opshop date to the local Savemart, and then stopped in at my favourite cafe in the west – Humbug – for some cake!
I was on the search for some more hats, so I decided to do my hair in a way that would work for hat trying, and the best way to do that was to wear a hat out!


I picked up this gorgeous red straw ladies boater from the New Lynn Hospice Shop for, like, $6, and I love it, but the soft red colour doesn’t match many of my other red tops / dresses, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to pair it with my pre-loved white and red polka dot Lindy Bop dress, as the red is also fairly muted!
The dress itself is super cute, and a really light cotton, which was perfect for a hot sticky summer day! It has quite a high shawl neck, which isn’t the most flattering neckline on someone of my proportions, but it’s very cute, and just means I can’t wear big necklaces!
I added a belt from City Chic, and some cute jelly flats that I picked up pre-loved on a facebook buy/sell page, both of which are also red and white polkadots!

_MG_4007 _MG_3627

Cute, right? I thought so too!

Day 3 – Sunday

Dress – Hellbunny; Belt – Kmart, Headscarf – Vintage; Necklace – Diva

After a pretty full-on Saturday at the Decolicious Market, doing hair and makeup and selling my hair flowers, my plan for Sunday was to literally do nothing, so Tony and I had a day of milling around at home (for the first time in months!) which meant no makeup, and a super lazy ponytail / headscarf combo!
I’ve been feeling particularly tropical lately, and this dress is perfect for lazy days in the sun! It’s got a really cute postcard-style print, with hibiscus flowers and palm trees, and is really easy to wear! Plus, I got it pre-loved on a buy/sell page, so it was a total bargain!
The red in this dress is a really deep oxblood colour, so I managed to find a belt at K-Mart that matches it quite nicely, so hopefully it makes up for the fact that my necklace and headscarf don’t match it quite as well. The headscarf is a vintage nylon one, with hibiscus flowers all over, so I was running with a theme more than a colour here, I think!

Aaaaaanyway, that was my week of white….or, more accurately, my three-days of almost-white.

This week’s theme is ‘Maxi’, and given that the only maxi-anything I own is a full-length black chiffon evening skirt, it is unlikely to be a long post!

<3 Fran!

And, as I’m sure you’re all aware, I’ve been selected as a finalist for the Miss Pinup New Zealand pageant for 2016, and I need your help!
Read all about me, and why I entered here, and follow this link to vote for me for People’s Choice!

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